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I'm facing this issue when trying to create my first JSS react app. That's weird because I have other members on my team who are able to make it work even if we have pretty much the same setup (or at least we think we have).

Server sent 403 Forbidden while enumerating templates.

I'm almost sure that this command is trying to reach the JSS GitHub repository to fetch the JSS react templates. So I'm guessing that's where I'm getting my 403 forbidden from.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Essentially, a 403 is being received when jss create tries to connect to the JSS GitHub repo to retrieve the react (or Vue, Angular, etc...) sample app. So either some service between you and github.com is responding with a 403 or github.com is sending you a 403.

A couple suggestions:

  • Ensure that you are not restricted from accessing github.com due to firewall / proxy rules.
  • Try "manually" requesting https://api.github.com/repos/sitecore/jss/contents/samples?ref=master (via browser, Postman, etc..). GitHub may return an error message that can help you troubleshoot. For example

    API rate limit exceeded for xx.xx.xxx.xxx.

  • Thanks for the suggestion Adam. Status update: When I try the exact same command using Git Bash instead of Cmd everything works fine :surprised: Aug 14 '19 at 18:02
  • Another status update: No error when calling https://api.github.com/repos/sitecore/jss/contents/samples?ref=master in my browser and I have full access to github.com from my machine. It's something related to the cmd prompt since it's working when using Git Bash. Aug 14 '19 at 18:21

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