I have an Action Script I've created in Content Hub and it has various calls to log messages:

MClient.Logger.Debug("Running script");

MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.ExecutionSource: {Context.ExecutionSource}");
MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.ExecutionType: {Context.ExecutionType}");
MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.TargetId: {Context.TargetId}");
MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.TargetType: {Context.TargetType}");
MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.PropertyBag: {Context.PropertyBag}");
MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.ExecutionEvent: {Context.ExecutionEvent}");
MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.Target: {Context.Target}");
MClient.Logger.Info($"Context.TriggeringUserId: {Context.TriggeringUserId}");

var targetItem = await MClient.Entities.GetAsync(Context.TargetId.Value);
MClient.Logger.Info($"targetItem: {targetItem}");

But only the Info and above log entries are showing in the View Logs area: Log entries


You must set the Minimum log level on your script before you save/build/publish it:

Setting Minimum log level


This setting is reset every time you edit a script, so you will need to change it again every time you want to use a logging level more verbose than INFO.

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