I'm having a similar issue with the one described here: How to change item templates and retain existing data

Title        General Link

Title        Single-line text

My problem is that before I change the datasource item template from Template_Old to Template_New, I have to extract the text from General Link field and place it into the Single-Line text. Any piece of ps script would be helpful. Ty

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Here is the sample code. Not sure how we can use the Set-ItemTemplate and -FieldsToCopy but using the old method we sure can achieve this :

$rootItem = Get-Item -path "Item path"
$targetTemplate = Get-Item "TemplateId or Path here";
# Template_Old_Link is the old field in old template - General Link
# Template_New_Title is the new field in new template - Single Line Text
[Sitecore.Data.Fields.LinkField]$field = $rootItem.Fields["Template_Old_Link"]
$fieldValue = $field.Text
$updatedItem = Get-Item $rootItem.ID;
$updatedItem.Template_New_Title = $fieldValue;

Check this and let me know if this script works.

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