ERROR Exception when executing agent aggregation/aggregator
Exception: Sitecore.XConnect.XdbCollectionUnavailableException
Message: The HTTP response was not successful: Forbidden
Source: Sitecore.Xdb.Common.Web

I am facing the above error in logs while accessing Sitecore 10.0, we just did a fresh installation and integrated Habitat solution. Apart from this, the Automation Engine Service is failing to start as well.

enter image description here

  • This issue seems related to your XConnect website or certificate issue, please verify if xconnect is up and running and also you used right thumbprint? Oct 20 '20 at 6:28

I was able to resolve my issue by commenting the following line in site config

setting name="Languages.AlwaysStripLanguage" value="false"

I believe this setting was creating this problem in this Sitecore 10.0 Now it is working fine. Firstly I tried everything with certificates and permissions and all those stuff but that didn't worked for me, this resolved the issue.

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