I have installed Sitecore 10 on my laptop recently and I am facing the following issues.

Issue 1:

I have created a site and I am trying to add a "custom css file" but I am not able to upload CSS file it's showing below error.

"An error occurred while uploading a file. The reason may be that the file does not exist or the path is wrong."

screenshot enter image description here

Issue 2:

At the end Somehow I have managed to add a 'custom css file' in "media library" in "Themes" node inside "styles" folder but that "custom css file" is not rendering on the page (website).

screen shot: enter image description here

Can anyone suggest me please what configuration is required to add a "custom css file" in Sitecore 10 and why it's not rendering to the page?

Regards Firoz


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As far as I can see, you have pre-optimized-min item created under the folder to which you try to upload custom styles.

Did you re-generate pre-optimize-min file after adding your custom one? If SXA will find pre-optimize-min file it will always take it and skip generation of normal optimize-min file.

If you want to check if your styles will be included in the page, remove the pre-optimize-min file, open page in EE and check if generated optimize-min file contaisn your custom styles.

  • thanks... i deleted pre-optimize-min now it's rendering custom css file.
    – Firoz Khan
    Sep 3, 2021 at 17:31

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