Is it possible to use Sitecore specific prompt dialog in Experience Editor, like this below? enter image description here If so, can somebody provide an example, please?

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ExperienceEditor.Dialogs.prompt usually used for this, here an example below for Experience Editor ribbon button:

define(["sitecore", "/-/speak/v1/ExperienceEditor/ExperienceEditor.js"], function (Sitecore, ExperienceEditor) {
    Sitecore.Commands.MyCommand =
        canExecute: function(context) {
            return true;
        execute: function (context) {
            ExperienceEditor.Dialogs.prompt("Enter a value:", "Default value", function (newValue) {

I have used this blog before to create a custom dialog when publishing an item through the experience editor: https://blog.istern.dk/2015/03/02/running-sitecore-field-editor-from-a-speak-command-in-sitecore-experience-editor/

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