I have a Search Result Listing Variant created using Scriban. This will render a card from each of the items got from the scope query. However, I want to get the index of items at the scriban template.

Here is my current Search Result Listing

<div class="search-result-card" data-item-index="{{i_item.index}}">


Lets say my Scope is returning 5 items, Basically I want to get the index of the current item and put it on a data-attribute. But i_item context that is exposed at scriban is pointing to current item.

Is there no way to get that index?

Sorry if my explanation is a it confusing.

Thanks all

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I am afraid there is no way to do it because variant is used to generate each result separately not the whole list.

This is a place where items from index are prepared


list = (IEnumerable<Result>) source.Select<SearchItem, Result>((Func<SearchItem, Result>) (i => new Result(i, variant))).ToList<Result>();


Inside Result model output HTML is created this way.

this.Html = service.RenderVariant(variant, searchItem.Item);

As you can see only variant and single item are passed to service thus there is no way to tell the index.

Solution - workaround

Not ideal because you cannot do it via variant but if you really need it I would suggest doing it in JS.

Not sure which one will work better for you:

  • try to attach to event responsible for binding search results (XA.component.search.vent.on("results-loaded", this.resultsLoaded.bind(this)); in component-search-results.js
  • override render function in component-search-results.js
  • Still a Huge Thanks for this! At the very least this helped me to get on the right track! Thanks mate!
    – keysl
    Commented Dec 3, 2021 at 11:32

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