How to get the English (region) - English (region) language code from Sitecore? I want to display the language code (EN for example) on some of the pages inside the <div> tag for example

  <p>The language you are using</p>
  <p>[Display language code - EN here]</p>

I know I can just type myself the EN in the <p> tag, but I want to do it dynamically to just show this <p> tag when user is on English (region) - English (region) version of the site

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You can use Sitecore.Context.Language to get the context language of the website.

In your case, you can use something like this:

  <p>The language you are using</p>
  • Thank you for respone, but I have a question. What is this going to give me the language code or? I want EN to display on the page
    – Samke11
    Mar 8, 2022 at 11:42

You can get the language code from the below code in a view :

Context language is: @Sitecore.Context.Language

Output :

Context language is: en

Kindly have a look at the DefaultLanguage in Sitecore.config file.

<setting name="DefaultLanguage" value="en" />

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