Is there a way to get Coveo equivalent field name helper such as ToCoveoFieldName in CoveoProcessParsedRestResponseArgs pipeline code? Basically I am trying to see if a property of SearchResult item is of certain value and based on it create a new property.

var db = NewStuff();

foreach (SearchResult result in response.Results)
    result["isNew"] = "201612" == result.Raw["fyearandmonth11031"].ToString();

The field fyearandmonth11031 needs to be translated from Sitecore field (YearAndMonth) to a Coveo field name.

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  • Yet when we talk to Coveo, they recommended to ask it here. Although I think this is still valid since the helper in question is for Coveo for Sitecore module.
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    Commented Dec 7, 2016 at 12:42
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What you are looking for is most likely IFieldNameTranslator. You need a SitecoreHelper to get an instance for a specific index.

Since the pipeline can be run without a context, you have to validate whether the CurrentContextItem is null before trying to convert it in an indexable.

The following code should work for your use case:

ISitecoreHelper sitecoreHelper = new SitecoreHelper();
IFieldHelper translator = new FieldHelper();
if (p_Args.CurrentContextItem != null) {
    bool usePrefix = false;
    IIndexable indexable = p_Args.CurrentContextItem.ToIndexable();
    ISearchIndex index = m_SitecoreHelper.GetSearchIndex(indexable);
    IFieldNameTranslator translator = m_SitecoreHelper.GetFieldNameTranslator(index);
    string translatedField = translator.ToCoveoFieldName(indexable, "field", usePrefix);
    // Use that translated field here

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