I'm trying to connect to a VM hosted in Azure and for some reason the remoting connection never established like you would typically see while on a corporate network.

Things I've checked:

  • Enabled PS Remoting on the VM and validated the server shows it's enabled.
  • Azure VM shows inbound connections are allowed on port 5985.

Azure VM Connection Troubleshooter

Note: This issue was originally posted on Sitecore Slack by Kamruz Jaman and I moved here to preserve the information.

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After a bit of trial and error I got it working.


  • Used Test-NetConnection on port 5985 using the public IP and full domain name to the machine. This failed until completely disabling the firewall on the VM.
  • Ultimately the Windows Firewall had a WinRM rule on the public profile set to Local Subnet only. Changing to Any IP solved the issue. Defining the proper IP ranges would be better longer term.

WinRM Inbound Rule

WinRM Advanced Properties

WinRM Scope

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