I have a trigger in Content Hub, and I want to initiate this trigger when an asset is updated. However, I want it to trigger only if the asset is modified by a specific user, for example, it should only trigger when the asset is updated by user XYZ.

I know I can add conditions to the triggers, and I want my condition to be 'Asset is modified by XYZ, but I couldn't find this condition. I can see a condition for approved by

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After not receiving any response from anywhere, I created a Sitecore ticket for the issue and am sharing this here so that it can be helpful for others who might be encountering the same problem.

They confirmed that I won't be able to access this in the Trigger itself because it's not a value saved on the asset.

The alternate approach will be to access the Context.TriggeringUserId in the action script and apply the necessary conditions.

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