I followed the below article to create users programmatically

Sitecore Code Samples Programmatically Add/Edit Users


Working great, but the user domain always saved as blank, please suggest any configurations need full.

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    Did you try saving username as {domainname}/{username} ? Commented May 24, 2017 at 2:25
  • Yes, This is my code string domain = "mydomain"; string userName = string.Format(@"{0}\{1}", domain, userName); Membership.CreateUser(userName, model.password, model.email, model.secretQuestionCode, model.secretAnswer, true, out membershipStatus);
    – Asdfgh
    Commented May 24, 2017 at 12:24

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As @Balaji Kuppuswamy stated in comments, you simply need to include the domain name into the full user name when creating a user:

System.Web.Security.Membership.CreateUser(@"sitecore\myuser", "b", "[email protected]");

Please note that the domain column on UI is fulfilled only if an existing domain is specified:

[1]: https://i.sstatic.net/sYa


As the other suggested answers suggest is correct. When you are creating a new user programmatically, you can get the Full name by using the following code:

string domainUser = Sitecore.Context.Domain.GetFullName("[email protected]");

This will give you the full user which would include the current context domain. This is what you should pass to your Create User method:

System.Web.Security.Membership.CreateUser(domainUser, "password", "[email protected]");

You can define which domain applies to the current context site, by setting the attribute in the SiteDefinition.


I can see Domain property of the User class doesn't have a setter, so you cannot do it programatically.

// Sitecore.Security.Accounts.User
/// <summary>
/// Gets the domain to which the user belongs.
/// </summary>
/// <value>The domain.</value>
public override Domain Domain
        if (this._domain == null)
            this._domain = Domain.GetAccountDomain(this.Name);
        return this._domain;

"Domains" concept is the additional abstract level (as well as "RolesInRoles") provided by Sitecore over Asp.NET security model. In reality it's just a prefix/part of the user name, which is stored in the Core database in the "aspnet_Users". So the "admin" user from the "sitecore" domain is presented as "sitecore\admin".

So to change user domain you need to rename the user in the "aspnet_Users" table via SQL Server Managemnet Studio.

Please note that renaming the domain can cause the issues with configured access right for a user. Because access right for the particular user for the specific item are stored in this item, and mapped to user name. So when you changed user name, it will not be updated on the item level, and it can break security rights.

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