I have a situation where a rendering could use a set of customization buttons that are all related. Rather than filling up the rendering's edit frame, I'd like to add a button that can expand into a dropdown similar to how the datasource menu expands to show additional commands.

edit frame showing datasource dropdown

Is there anything built in that would allow custom buttons to open submenus of buttons?

Alternatively, is there a component that can be used in a custom command to open a custom dropdown that contain buttons to trigger different commands?

Note: I'm aware I can add buttons to the datasource and more dropdown menus, however this would be inappropriate for the buttons that I'd like to add.

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I found a clue but not an exact solution. I found that the this dropdowns are hardcoded in \sitecore\shell\Applications\Page Modes\ChromeControls.js. The related code is the renderDsSection. This function is called in the updateCommands.

So in my opinion you can create your own function based on the renderDsSection and then call it in the updateCommands.

As you can see all these sections are hardcoded, because they have some logic inside (renderWorkflowSection, renderMoreSection, etc.).

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