Coveo adds a rule for insert options to add a new layout or MVC layout whenever you use Insert Item anywhere on the site. This is a little much for end-users, especially where I'm creating custom insert buttons in the experience editor for them and I don't want them creating these layouts. I looked in system/settings/rules but didn't see anything related. What's the best way to eliminate these? Thanks.

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The insert option is actually defined by a pipeline processor in Coveo.UI.Controls.config. You can remove it using the following config patch:

    <processor type="Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.GetMasters.AllowSearchPageProcessor, Coveo.UIBase">
      <patch:delete />

You can read more about this pipeline in this article about Understanding the Coveo UI Pipelines


Coveo add those items to be easy for developers to play and discover Coveo for Sitecore. We do not add them through rules as upgrading Coveo for Sitecore would re-install the insert options. Instead we are using the uiGetMasters Sitecore processor in the Coveo.UI.Controls.config file. The exact node location is /configuration/sitecore/processors/uiGetMasters and the processor is:

<processor patch:before="*[starts-with(@type,'Sitecore.Pipelines.GetMasters.CheckSecurity')]" mode="on" type="Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.GetMasters.AllowSearchPageProcessor, Coveo.UIBase">

Do not comment or remove it from that file as it will be replaced when you will upgrade Coveo for Sitecore. Instead, create a patch file to patch delete the node in your final Sitecore configuration.

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