We are looking at deploying SolrCloud with our 8.2.5 install. Everything seems to be running OK so far, however I've noticed that the Indexing manager does not load any of the indexing statistical data for a SolrCloud configuration.

Solr with statistics showing (not a solrcloud configuration) Working Index Manager with Statistics

Solr without statistics (in a solrcloud configuration) SolrCloud with no Statistics After doing a bit of reflection and request tracing, it appears as though Sitecore is using the SolrNet library and executing a URL like: [solrserver]/solr/admin/cores?action=STATUS&core=sitecore_master_index to retrieve this information.

With SolrCloud this is not going to work, because the cores will get suffixed with e.g. _shard1_replica1, _shard1_replica2 for 2 node environment.

Has anyone seen a customization to this display to present data back to the user, or have just simply leave it as default? I would imagine we need to override SolrSearchIndex class and try retrieve these stats on the first replica to atleast achieve the same result. Thanks in advance.

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