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Any question related to copy feature in Sitecore content tree can make use of this tag

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3 answers

How to copy, clone or duplicate without subitems

I would like to make a copy of just the Home item, to some other location under home. But Copy, Clone or Duplicate does this including its child items.
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exceptions occurred while processing the subscribers to the 'item:saved'

Whenever I try and copy a single item anywhere, I get this error. I have serialized the item and it has a template. NOTE: This is an item in a branch 12304 14:24:32 ERROR One or more exceptions ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Copy/Duplicate items - datasource of local components points to original item instead of newly created local item

This is an old issue, and it was resolved in our old 8.2 instance by a prior dev but after upgrading to 9.0 the issue has reappeared. When a user copies or duplicates an item, all of the local ...
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