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Rendering is Cached

There may be many reasons. If you have multiple CD servers and .cshtml file deployed only one server correctly. File location is not correct, you can cross check if file location is correct by ...
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3 votes

How to ensure rendering cache invalidates after a direct edit to the .CSHTML file

The easiest way to clean the HTML cache is to trigger publish. Sitecore doesn't have watchers on .cshtml files, so it is expected behavior.
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2 votes

Caching HTML for rendering based on "page" item data, not datasource

As long as the output is always the same on each page then you can use Vary By Data, this will cache based on the context item if no data source is set. Note that as per Mark's point this might not ...
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2 votes

Is there a way to add a cache buster to the RenderFormScripts Html helper function?

You can override IncludeFiles processor of forms.renderForm pipeline and add custom parameter for all the scripts (or styles). Class below adds DateTime.Now.Ticks to scripts only. You can use your own ...
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Html cache on rendering with "vary by data" in Multiligual site

Sitecore internally uses the current language in the cache key so the above approach will work fine for different language versions as well. It treats every sublayout or rendering as a different ...
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1 vote

HTML rendering cache performance logs

This is a big topic with many blog posts and presentations on it. Have you already used the cache.aspx and stats.aspx to see what happens? You can find these in the Admin section of the Control Panel....
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Lost on HTML Output Caching in SXA

There can be other reasons why the website is at 100%, sometimes this won't be mitigated by caching. It depends on how your current setup is and what components you have in place, as you need to ...
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