Out of the box SXA Search Results component shows only page Title.

How can I customize that component to show page Image and Description?


You should use Rendering variants for this.

When you edit the search results rendering properties, there is a field which allows you to select rendering variant. You can choose from the couple of default ones but you can define your own.

In order to define a variant you have to:

  1. Insert new Variant definition in the Presentation\Rendering Variants\Search results
  2. Insert two child items of type Field and name them Image and Description (actually you can name them whatever you want but the name is propagated to Field field which is used to identify which field should be used to get the data from)

You can read more in the documentation

Here is the list of SXA renderings with information which of them supports component variants

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    Hello Szymon:) In SXA we have renamed the Component Variants into Rendering Variants. Oct 18 '16 at 12:46

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