We are using SXA 1.8 with Sitecore 9. And, we have the requirement to access the search keyword passed in the search-box in one of the custom-renderings. But unfortunately, SXA is appending the search keyword in URL hash instead of Query-string. So, its difficult to access the search term in the controller code. I found it is not possible to change from Hash to Query-string as per this link Changing hash to query string.

So, I just want to know is there any better way to access the search term in custom controller. Any suggestions?

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The SXA is storing the search phrase in hash only on the front-end. This param is later on processed in component-search-service.js and base on the rest of things from the hash and some default settings of the renderings we are building the URL. It contains the following query parameters:

enter image description here

As you see the q is there and you can use it.

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