I am trying to detect device through code but it's not working. However, my device based personalization is working fine. I've enabled device detection in config file already. I can see files under /app_data/devicedetection also. I am using below code to find the device:

var deviceProvider = FiftyOne.Foundation.Mobile.Detection.WebProvider.ActiveProvider;

        if (deviceProvider != null)
            var result = deviceProvider.Match(Request.UserAgent);
            vm.IsMobile = result["IsMobile"].ToString().ToLower() == "true";

I always get null in deviceProvider variable.

Are there any other approaches that I can follow to detect the device?


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I've used below code and it's working fine:

 var deviceInfo = DeviceDetectionManager.GetDeviceInformation(Request.UserAgent);
  var myDevice = deviceInfo.DeviceType;

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