I am using Sitecore 9.0.1 with SXA 1.7. I have created a Multiline text field and it has a script inside it. The script inside is getting deleted by itself after some time. Any solution for this and the reason behind it?

enter image description here

Except "lang:en_US " other scripts will get deleted by itself.

Thank you

  • Are you using @Html.Raw() in view? ANd i think SXA has Html component too that could help.
    – Kamil
    Jul 30 at 23:11

The default behavior for a Sitecore RichText field is to strip out all script tags from the markup.

This setting controls the behavior:

<setting name="HtmlEditor.RemoveScripts" value="true" />

If you want to enable script tags, you would need to change that setting.

  • The field type which i used here is multiline and i tried with rich text also but same thing happened in rich text too.Can you please share the file name where can i find this setting.@Richard Seal
    – Vinaya
    Jul 31 at 11:36
  • its within the sitecore.config file Jul 31 at 17:30
  • if i make it false , will this gets changed to default value(true) when SXA upgrade takes place? @Jean Nicolas G
    – Vinaya
    Aug 2 at 6:16
  • yes. always use patch file when playing around default config Aug 2 at 14:59

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