Environment: Sitecore.NET 10.1.1

Hi All,

We have our solution in Azure PAAS. 2 days back while deploying to one of our environments, we encountered a strange error.

Once we triggered the Unicorn for data sync, we received an error code as 418. Please see the attached image. The error disappeared once we re-tried the sync.

I checked the documentation and the literature around the bug. Unfortunately, I could not find anything guiding me in any particular direction.

enter image description here

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This happens when you have not enabled the IdentityServer configuration for Unicorn. Please enable it.

It's this file. It has extension .disabled by default.


For more information, see https://viniciusdeschamps.com.br/solved-unicorn-issue-with-sitecore-identity/

  • Thanks Mark. Surprisingly it ran fine in the next attempt. Aug 5, 2022 at 10:14

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