I have installed Coveo for sitecore 3.0 in my local/developer machine. Search indexes are having content in CES and but when I search, my search page does not return any results or coveo facets does not appear. So, I tried to access the url "http://mywebsite.com/coveo/rest" and it is throwing the below error.

"The service is unavailable."

I have checked and compared config.yml's secret key and application secret key in coveosearchprovider.config. Both looks same. Sitecore diagnostic page shows the below.

enter image description here

Can you please let me know the things I should check to fix this issue.

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I checked the port which is used for SearchApi and found that I am using a different port for SearchApi rather than normal 8080 one. I have now updated the Coveo.SearchProvider.Rest.config with the correct port and was able to get the results in Searchresults page.

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