I'm unable to use the Folder Sync functionality in Sitecore Rocks. (https://github.com/JakobChristensen/Sitecore.Rocks/blob/master/docs/Tools/FolderSynchronization.md)
When I right-click on a VS folder that contains MVC views, "Sitecore >" option is disabled. How do I enable this functionality?


  • Visual Studio 2017 (v.15.3.5); running as admin
  • Sitecore Rocks Extension is enabled. (v.
  • Sitecore menu ->"Turn Features On or Off" - all boxes are checked (but 'All' radio button doesn't stay selected after OK).
  • Sitecore Explorer is working; connected via Hard Rock Service
  • Sitecore 8.2

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You probably didn't connect your Visual Studio project to the Sitecore instance. You can do this via: right click on your Visual Studio project in the Solution Explorer -> Sitecore -> Project Properties -> Select a "Sitecore Explorer Connection". Then you can click "Test..." to see if your connection works.

Note: This is not the same as the connection to your Sitecore instance in the Sitecore Explorer.



In my case, although the Test was successful then also it didn't work but then once I Checked Installed Sitecore Connector and then test it again

enter image description here

Then it added three more options and now my All Sitecore-TDS-related options are enabled

enter image description here

Hope it may help others!!!

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