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4 votes

Media handle hash not being generated

Media Request Protection only kicks in when it needs to. It is designed to prevent media specific parameters from being manipulated (e.g. specifying a MaxWidth for an image of 10248000, forcing ...
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2 votes

Sitecore 9.3 Render MediaUrls by displayname with UseDisplayName from MediaUrlBuilderOptions

I have tried with a vanilla 9.3 and it seems that UseDisplayName isn't taken into consideration at all. I have looked in the MediaUrlBuilder implementation and it seems that UseDisplayName is ...
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2 votes

Sitecore media with AlwaysAppendVersion set to true adds the revision to -1 for non default language versions

Post some investigation noticed that sitecore adds this rev=-1 whenever there is no language version for the media item in the current language scope !! Although it was a recommended practice for ...
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2 votes

Add query string to all Media item in Sitecore SXA 9.3

You can implement a custom Sitecore.Resources.Media.MediaProvider. For example public class MediaProvider : Sitecore.Resources.Media.MediaProvider { public override string GetMediaUrl(MediaItem ...
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2 votes

Display filename with extension using FileField in Sitecore

Yes, it is possible. You already have MediaItem object. So I can think of 2 ways to get the filename with an extension. 1. Using MediaUrlBuilderOptions get the full URL and split it to get the ...
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2 votes

Update Sitecore ImageField with Media Item from Content Hub

Figured out how to solve this myself so I wanted to post this in case anyone else needs help with this. I realized that the FieldItems are just xml so I created a new ImageField and then added the ...
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1 vote

Bulk download media library in Sitecore Media Library without Encoding file names

I got this Powershell script and found that it also downloads the file names with encoded names. So I have updated the script slightly and it now downloads all the files in your download folder with ...
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1 vote

Is there a setting that limits amount of parallel image resizes? When there are multiple images on a page performance is really slow

What I expect is happening is that there are a lot of calls being generated by the page and that is slowing down images. I am assuming all the images are in the Media Library. You can look at cache ...
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1 vote

JSS returns 404 for media items in Richtext

The issue is that JSS needs the media library link to start with forward slash: <a href="/media_library_prefix/~/media/d494d2a8a8554dbf977695dbdd4e94b5.ashx">
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