For Sitecore 10.0 (sitecore hosted) installed on Azure App Services what is the commandlet in Sitecore Azure Toolkit to add SXA the existing instance?

I have the file Sitecore Experience Accelerator

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All your combinations are provided in the Quick Start Templates Every version of Sitecore XM/XP has respective modules which can be installed along with the base installation of Sitecore, lets say you are installing 10.2 and your choice of the Version is 10.2 and did a XM0 installation. A Module needs to be installed along with it. Take a note of the following

"name": "sxa",
"templateLink": "<URL of the azuredeploy.json file of the corresponding topology *.azuredeploy.json>",
"parameters": {
    "cdSxaMsDeployPackageUrl" : "<URL of the WDP file Sitecore Experience Accelerator * CD.scwdp.zip>",
    "cmSxaMsDeployPackageUrl" : "<URL of the WDP file Sitecore Experience Accelerator *.scwdp.zip>",
    "speMsDeployPackageUrl" : "<URL of the WDP file Sitecore PowerShell Extensions *.scwdp.zip>",
    "solrCorePrefix": "sitecore"


Make sure you match the versions of Sitecore to the compatible version of SXA

Modules is the additions you are looking for

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