We have an requirement to provision fresh Sitecore 9.3 XP scaled in Azure as App Services only for CM and CD role.

We don't need xDB and EXM as of now but may be it will be configure in future. But as cost constraint we don't want to keep all other app services and related database that present XP scaled. We only need CM and CD role.

We used Azure tool kit for XP scaled but tool kit provisioned all the available role present in XP.

One way is that we can configure it manually after initial setup. But it is little time and cost consuming.

What the other thing we can do? We don't want to use XM scaled as we have a XP license and we can think to use all other role in future.

Can anyone advise any way to achieve this?

  • Can you just use default scripts, create all the services and then remove those which you don't need? Jun 18 '21 at 9:28
  • Thanks. Yes this way we are doing as of now. But is there any other way to setup only CM and CD role and ignore other from setup. Jun 18 '21 at 9:40

This is definately possible by modifying the configuration in the SIF scripts. There will be a bit of effort involved however so I'd probably just use the default scripts and remove what you don't need as Marek suggested.

The benefit of spinning it all up initially is that you could back up the DB's and Roles connection strings etc so that it's easier to bring back in later if you do decide to do so. If you don't do that, you'll end up having to 'frankenstien' stitch it all back together later.

If you really wanted to just spin up CM and CD alone, here's where you can get started. In the 9.3 XP Scaled installation folders configuration directory, the XP1-Distrubuted.json file - notice that this contains each of the Roles configurations to be run so you could try just including the roles you want. Depending on what you're doing you might want to strip out all of the other parameters and installation artefacts which you don't need.

enter image description here


It sounds like you want to provision the XM Scaled topology. The Azure QuickStart templates for 9.3 XM are here:


This ARM template will setup the following resources: CM, CD, SI, SQL, Azure Search (if required) and AI.

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