I uploaded Versioned image in Sitecore 10.0.1 media library. Template used is - /sitecore/templates/System/Media/Versioned/Image

the image URL is also correctly rendered with sc_lang. But when I browse the site, only the En image is shown across all sc_lang. Is this a bug in Sitecore or is there any way to fix this? I cleared Sitecore cache a lot of times too.

Update: If I open incognito and search the site first in the Spanish language, it correctly fetches Spanish images. but then I go back to English and it remains the Spanish image itself.

  • Do you have any caching? Or custom language resolver? When you open first in EN lang, media link contains sc_lang=en, and then you switch to ES and media link is still sc_lang=en or sc_lang=es but EN image is rendered anyway? Jan 21 at 7:16
  • When I swicth to ES, media link changes to sc_lang=es but but EN image is rendered
    – user11324
    Jan 21 at 7:34
  • And if you copy link to es image and open it in private tab, it shows es image correctly? Jan 21 at 7:46
  • No even then it shows EN image only
    – user11324
    Jan 21 at 7:47
  • But if you open the whole page with ES image and es language in incognito, it's ES image rendered? or if you open once EN page, it's always EN image no matter if you open ES page later in incognito? Jan 21 at 9:06


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