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Outcomes describe a visitor's journey from the initial contact to becoming a customer. This tag should be used for all questions,around this topic.

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Segmented list for contacts based on outcome for users imported through xConnect client

Sitecore 9.0.2 Hi All, I am trying to add an (out-of-box) outcome to xDB for real-time users and from historical data (a csv file). For real-time users, I am using Tracker to add the outcome. The ...
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How to get all users who registered to an outcome

My task is to create a custom report which will export into a CSV that contains the details of all the users who have downloaded report files from our site. It will include not only information about ...
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1 answer

Outcome ignore additional registrations in Sitecore 9

I was following this awesome blogpost on outcomes I created an outcome and all seems to work fine, but I should have ...
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Personalize a component using outcomes

I would like to personalize a component depending on whether a certain outcome has been triggered in the last 30 days. In my opinion the condition below should be able to get the job done: where ...
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How can I prevent an outcome from being registered multiple times?

What is the accepted method of preventing a contact from registering an outcome multiple times? For example, if they become a "Marketing Lead", how do I prevent that Outcome from firing again for that ...
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