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Sitecore RenderingHost pointing to AzureFrontDoor is serving static files like CSS, JSS slowly and sometimes it gives ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR

We are using Sitecore version 10.3.0 with JSS and server-side rendering using a Node.js headless proxy. All of our resources are hosted in Azure. Our Azure Front Door ( is pointed to the ...
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1 answer

How do I configure Response Headers that apply to the content delivery system not Sitecore?

We are in the process of launching a new site hosted in Azure. We have been running Tenable Scans on the site. The report keeps indicating that the response header is missing X-Content-Type-Options ...
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1 answer

Custom cache settings for JS/CSS resources

Is it possible to set the cache for JS and CSS files only based on some logic? When the url of the assets always changes (e.g SignUp.[versiontoken].css when the content is modified) then the cache ...
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Editing fields in Experience Editor not working

For carousel components, when hovering over some text fields to edit, it does not show the cursor to edit. All other component fields are editable except for this carousel field. Using Sitecore 10. ...
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