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Personalization based on user's Segment

I'm having an issue with List Manager. I created a segment and created a list based on this segment but for some reason the ListSubscriptions facet is empty. anyone faced this issue, any ...
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Marketing Automation CultureInfo.CurrentCulture problem

I have marketing automation campaign where I use xconnect segmentation rule Sitecore.XConnect.Segmentation.Predicates.Interactions.ChannelGroupMatches. There are a lot of this error in my Automation ...
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Getting list of contacts assigned to Contact / Segmened List in Sitecore 8.2.5 programatically

We are trying to get contacts from a segmented list for a custom auto-enroll feature. When using built-in Sitecore conditions for segmented lists, like surname etc, this works fine. However, we are ...
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