I started off following this post to setup TLS with a certificate with the PFX extension. An issue was revealed while trying to setup Solr replication; Wireshark showed Certificate Unknown when the secondary server made requests to the primary. This lead me down the path that Solr SSL/TLS needs to be configured.

Initial setup:

  • Solr running over http/8983
  • Certificate configured in IIS and added to Cert:\LocalMachine\My
  • Rewrite rule in IIS to transfer traffic from https://scms.tst.sxp.local to

Modified setup:

  • Updated rewrite rule to use instead of
  • Updated solr.in.cmd
set SOLR_SSL_KEY_STORE=etc/wildcard.sxp.local.pfx
set SOLR_SSL_TRUST_STORE=etc/wildcard.sxp.local.pfx

The certificate was provided by our Security Team so we could add it to IIS and our load balancer. Once solr starts I see this error message:

Java java.io.IOException: Invalid keystore format

Apparently changing from jks to pkcs12 has this undesired affect.

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After further investigation, it turns out that the original version of Java 8 (jdk8u222-b10-jre) used does not have proper support for PKCS12.

Steps to fix:

  • Download a newer version of Java
    • In my case I jumped up to Java 14 but you could get by with 12 (or maybe 11 (I'm not sure, just guessing))
  • Export the certificate with the private key using a different password (secret) and specifying TripleDES instead of AES256
    • Using TripleDES was revealed as an issue where the password was invalid

enter image description here

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