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You can enable the display of the field sharing labels to users that are not Sitecore administrators patching the ContentEditor.ShowFieldSharingLabels setting with the value true: <!-- CONTENT EDITOR SHOW FIELD SHARING LABELS Determines whether or not the Content Editor displays field sharing labels ([shared] and [unversioned]) to users ...


This blog post describes the detailed steps to configure a custom dropdown list button in the Rich Text Editor in Sitecore 9: One thing that is not explicitly called out in the article is that you need to use the Html Editor Custom Drop Down Button template when ...


Just in case if anyone wants a SQL query SELECT DISTINCT ItemId, value FROM VersionedFields WHERE FieldId = '001DD393-96C5-490B-924A-B0F25CD9EFD8' -- __LOCK Field Id AND [Value] NOT LIKE '<r />' AND [Value] NOT LIKE ''

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