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SXA Federation Authentication via Identity Server

You could try to navigate to a protected page. If you do that Sitecore should redirect you to the Identity Provider if you are not logged in. If you link to a protected page with the general link type ...
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Use Identity Server for multiple CM instances

Sorry you my late reply here. Thank you very much for you replies. We evaluated the usage, it is possible to setup the claims correctly. Our issue was that we wanted to achieve that one user had ...
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Using wildcard in AllowedCorsOrigin of the IdentityServer

Wildcards are not currently supported by Identity Server. There was a similar request in the Identity Server GitHub and the response was: Wildcards in URLs are always dangerous from a security point ...
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Using wildcard in AllowedCorsOrigin of the IdentityServer

I am not sure about the wildcard but You can use a pipe sign and write as below: <AllowedCorsOriginsGroup1>|||</AllowedCorsOriginsGroup1>
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Sitecore CM login is not working on Gateway url

Sitecore has a ApplyRedirect pipeline. You can find it in Sitecore.Owin.Authentication.dll with the full namespace Sitecore.Owin.Authentication.Pipelines.CookieAuthentication.SignedIn.ApplyRedirect. ...

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