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I was able to get it resolved by upgrading my SQL server to the latest 2019 version. I checked the compatibility matrix of Sitecore 10.1 here and found that minimum compatible SQL version is 2017.


Make sure you haven't made any change to the index configs, mostly to the include/exclude sections. Also check if you updated the IndexAllFields setting. If nothing got changed from the search configs: Rebuild your indexes. Make sure the indexes defined in the sitegrouping for the site are healthy. This might happen when Sitecore is trying to create the ...


As per your logs - ERROR Could not update device detection database, it seems like a device detection issue, and Sitecore provided a patch for version 9.0.1, you can try to install that patch and try -


In our case it was also a certificate issue. Add permissions for IUSR, IIS_IUSRS & NETWORK_SERVICE , SERVICE by right clicking on certificate in certificates console and selecting manage private keys. You can also try to start Marketing Automotion manually from command line. Navigate to your xconnect instance /app_data/jobs/continous/AutomationEngine and ...


We had similar issues installing Sitecore 9.3 XP on virtual machines running 2016. The only solution that worked for us is updating the user permission on inetpub folder. Steps we followed to fix the issue Removed all the databases from SQL server for the instance created Delete the folders created in inetpub folder removed all the services (by stopping ...

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