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Sitercore 9.2 Commerce install failing on Bootstrapping Commerce Services

Answering for the sake of someone googling this error - I had a similar error an it helped me to update the Sql database name to have double slash “\” between the machine name and sql instance i.e. &...
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"Execution Timeout Expired" exception while installing Sitecore 10.1

You can also set the "Remote query timeout option" by doing the following. I set mine to 0 for unlimited: Using SQL Server Management Studio To configure the remote query timeout option: In ...
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Installation Error : Sitecore 9.1.0

The installation of Sitecore 9.1.0 requires Sitecore Installation Framework version 2.0.0. See this table for more info: Sitecore Sitecore Installation Framework 9.0.x 1.2.1 9.1 2.0.0 9.1.1 2.1.0 ...
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Sitecore 9.3 installation error Sitecore.XConnect.XdbCollectionUnavailableException System.Net.Sockets.SocketException

The fix which I applied for this issue was to make an entry of localhost default IP address in netsh (which somehow got removed, so the connection was getting refused), This is the command C:\Windows\...

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