For questions related to the use or customization of the Sitecore List Manager, used for creating lists of Sitecore contacts to help manage email campaigns; covers customization, adding contacts to and removing contacts from a list, general list and segmented list questions, configuration and list imports and exports

Sitecore List Manager allows you to create lists of recipients that can be used for Sitecore Email Experience Manager campaigns, marketing automation campaigns or any other external system.

Two types of lists can be created in the List Manager - a segmented list and a contact list. You can create lists with different list sources for both list types.

Contact list – a standard list that contacts can be members of. A contact can be a member of one or more contact lists.

Segmented lists – a list that is a filtered list of one or more selected contact lists. The contacts in a Segmented list are not actually members of the list - they only appear in the list if they are in the list source (the selected contact lists) and meet the conditions you define. A segmented list updates continually when the contacts in the sources of the list meet the defined conditions.

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