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Read Contact for xConnect pipeline returns "No entities were read from xConnect"

When querying for the contacts, the search usually goes through the xConnect Search role to search the xDB Index. If you are not getting results, you might want to check to make sure that your ...
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Could not create configuration. Provider name:salesforce

Please check if the OAuth token request URL (TokenRequestUri) is hard-coded as and if you are using a sandbox instance of Salesforce there are ...
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Passing items from custom template to Salesforce

Normally we recommend having the single source of truth in Salesforce and pulling the data to Sitecore when needed. Since the data is already in Sitecore we’d create a Sitecore template that maps to ...
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After installing Sitecore Connect for Salesforce and end points tested, Pipeline batch still fails suggesting endpoint failure

I finally figured it out, when you create a tenant per installation instructions, the pipeline batches in your new tenant are still referring to branch specific pipeline steps and not newly created ...
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Sitecore 9.2 Forms with Salesforce 3.0 CRM Connector - Sitecore Form data post to create Lead in Salesforce

Submit action will only save the facet in XDB but after that you will need to sync that facet with Salesforce. You will need to install and configure Sitecore Salesforce connector to sync XDB and ...
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S4S Error saving a form

Assuming the 01244000000gQp1AAE is a valid RecordTypeID for Case records then it is likely that the API user that is configured against S4S doesn't have access to it based on either their profile or ...
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Adding user-defined field attibute WFFM

There is no ootb way to do this, and you probably don't want to create custom fields for every field type... What I did in a similar situation a while ago was creating the mapping outside of wffm - ...
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Salesforce 1.4.1 with Sitecore 8.1

The documentation of SalesForce Connect v 1.4.1 can be found here: Your link is not the right one, that's the personal repository of ...
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