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Questions related to the Campaign Creator, a tool for creating and managing campaign activities

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Can't add new component on Mail campaign template in 10.2

When trying to add new component on mail campaign template below console error is appearing and component not getting added Note: This error only appear after I upgrade Sitecore version to 10.2, issue ...
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When try to send dispatch mail from mail campaign , i received minus number of users received the mail campaign

When try to put my email in notifications of mail campaign to receive dispatch mail with the number of users who received mail campaign I get an email number with a minus sign.
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Track sitecore campaign through email

I have a website which triggers email campaign on button click. Now I have a requirement to create a sitecore campaign using campaign creator and need to add the id in the email campaign, when someone ...
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How can I determine the goals triggered during a Sitecore campaign to see the effective of the campaign?

I have a situation where we are creating a set of campaigns to improve the conversion of goals through the use of those campaigns. Using Experience Analytics, am I able to directly connect the ...
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How to add new properties to ICampaignActivityDefinition interface and deploy it in Sitecore 10

We are upgrading the Sitecore version from 8.2 to 10 and we have a few customizations in our projects related to campaign creation. In Sitecore 8.2 we use to have the SaveCampaign class present in the ...
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Unable to sync Salesforce campaigns to xConnect

I'm trying to sync the Salesforce campaigns to xConnect using the Sitecore's predefined pipeline batch (Salesforce Campaigns to xConnect Sync). From the logs, I find that the data is successfully ...
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Is a Sitecore campaign triggered as a 'live event'?

In Sitecore, campaigns can be created for online and offline tracking. Those campaigns can then be triggered by adding sc_camp=the-unique-id to urls in social media or on the site itself. I want to ...
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Is Sitecore Campaign Creator tool supported in Sitecore 9

I see the campaign creator tool under Sitecore XP 9 documentation. But in the compatibility table Campaign Creator tool is not supported for Sitecore 9. Is it supported for Sitecore 9 or not?
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Is it possible to have several campaign personalisation for the same component?

I need to develop a specific feature that allows me to personalize a component "banner" of a page based on campaigns.(so basically this is based on querystrings in url) Here is my configuration: For ...
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Error when creating new campaign: "Your campaign activity has not been saved"

When creating a new campaign using the campaign creator, Sitecore returns an error saying Your campaign activity has not been saved. But when you browse the campaigns using the Marketing Control ...
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Link in emails trigger campaigns twice

We send emails to some people outside of our organizations and there is a button (link) so they can click and that triggers a campaign. When the link is sent by email, the href value is replaced by ...
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Sitecore Campaign Creator installation

Does Sitecore Campaign Creator come by default with Sitecore? Or does it need to be installed? The option doesn't appear on the launchpad with Sitecore 8.0 (rev. 150812). Does come with installation ...
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Campaign Creator loading problem

I'm researching the Campaign Creator functionality introduced in Sitecore 8.1 and have been able to successfully create campaigns and associate with content items. The issue I'm experiencing is that ...
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