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Questions tagged [ribbon]

For questions regarding the ribbons in the Sitecore client, including configuration, customization, troubleshooting and beyond.

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Is there a way to link a Powershell script to a custom button?

I'm trying to run a PS script I made via custom buttons. The scripts must be loaded from Sitecore Script Library (/sitecore/system/Modules/PowerShell/Script Library) The script runs perfectly if I run ...
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Custom Ribbon Button Error: Failed to call scGetFrameValue in IFrame tag

I'm creating some custom ribbon buttons for the experience editor in version 10.1. I have set them up using a combination of the below guides... https://...
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Experience editor ribbon disappear

When I open a site in experience editor mode, I see the editor ribbon, but after I navigate on the site, the ribbon disappears. Everything is fine in the local environment, but the error occurs in ...
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How to add custom ribbon button in Experience Editor

I am currently using a custom Ribbon Button which has a command attached to it in the Content editor. I want to create the same ribbon button in experience editor mode and use the same command.
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What is the difference between using the Sitecore gutter to unlock an item and using the command button in the Sitecore Ribbon?

I am working on creating an SPE version of unlocking an item in Sitecore I can assign to content editors so an administrator does not have to do it. Unlocking an item using the Sitecore ribbon seems ...
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"Review" tab is missing in Experience Editor but appears in Content Editor

Both on my local and in upstream environments, the "Review" tab is missing in the Experience Editor (even when I'm signed in as an admin): However, the Content Editor does show the "...
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How to restrict the Security access for Sitecore Contextual ribbons

Have created a contextual ribbon and added the same to the standard values of my desired Template. The functionality is working good. But I wish to restrict the access of this Ribbon to only few ...
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How to add Workflows->Submit button to Experience Editor Ribbon

I have a requirement to add the workflow submit button to the Experience Editor same as it appears in Content Editor. I am aware that Sitecore displays Submit as a link in the message notification ...
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Pre-customize My Toolbar for users of a given role or domain?

I'm not finding anything on this, and when I try to play around with items in the core database, I'm not seeing them change for a given user. Any idea if this is possible to do? I'm adding them ...
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How to refresh a selected item on a custom menu click

I have a custom menu written to copy the item language version to another language. The current behavior is - when I click on the menu it copies the current language version to another language ...
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Prevent custom Ribbon button from redirecting to new item

I have created a custom Ribbon button that creates a new item. However, when clicking this button the Content Editor switches over to this new item, whereas I expected it to stay on the first item. ...
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Changing state of custom Ribbon controls

I have created a custom ribbon button (Large Button) and a text field (Small Input Box). I can disable/enable these controls just fine when clicking an item (by the CommandState QueryState() override)....
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Experience editor error: An error occurred. [Log message: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: version]

In one of our environments (doesn't happen locally) we are seeing the following error in the experience editor. The error only appears once the item has been approved in workflow. The stack trace ...
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Setup "My Toolbar" as the opener ribbon

Since I've customized the "My Toolbar" ribbon, it's a lot easier to work, having all the commands I usually need on the tab. Although, everytime I open the Content Editor page, the "Home" ribbon is ...
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How init custom check box value on Ribbon at Experience editor

I have created a custom checkbox that I show at ribbon in Experience Editor (with SPEAK style) and basically, it works. but I can't init default state of this checkbox correctly. Could anyone help ...
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Passing a Value From an Experience Editor Button to PipelineProcessorControlStateRequest<ItemContext>

Expanding on this question I wanted to make the template id configurable so I can have different buttons active for different templates without duplicating that code. I created a new button in ...
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Buggy UI when choosing icons in CE on Chrome/Firefox with Sitecore9u1

Is it just in my installation or overall that ribbon Configure and button Icon are behaving incorrectly on Chrome and Firefox in Sitecore 9 Update 1? Dialog box is hidden behind content tree: I need ...
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Prevent Content Editor from automatically switching ribbons

On this one site, I frequently have to go in and deploy media items. In order not to publish things from other users that might not be ready, I publish the items individually. One of the most ...
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Initialize custom JS attached to Small Checkbox button on Experience Editor page load

I have created a Small CheckBox Button within Experience editor in the View tab called "ABC" checking/unchecking that injects/removes html around renderings on the page. Till now everything works fine....
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Custom Experience Editor Ribbon Button: error in FieldEditor.aspx

I'm trying to add a custom button to the ribbon in the Experience Editor (Sitecore 8.2). I've been following this blogpost:
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Automatically check some ribbon item

Hi, is there is a way to enforce this checkbox value = true each user login ? If enforce not possible, can we globally set check = true for each users? I found similar question here: Set Default ...
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Sitecore ribbon doesn't show up

I am running Sitecore 8.0 on my development machine but I am not seeing the ribbon in the Content Editor anymore. I haven't made any drastic changes to my environment in the last week, except minor ...
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