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Questions tagged [user-profile]

For questions related to Sitecore user profiles, including custom and native profile types, properties and storage

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Sitecore Virtual login and accessing userProfile.context during layout service execution

we are working on custom personlization rules with user data available outside sitecore. App is developed in jss in ssr mode. With sitecore login setting up virtual user context when user logged in to ...
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xConnect get PatternCards for contact

I want to use xconnect to download pattern cards. The contact has pattern cards (I checked in his profile). I extended contact download with ContactBehaviorProfile. Below is my code ...
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Random Sitecore Logout Issues

Running Sitecore version 8.1 Hello, I've been trying to figure out this issue for a while now and was curious to see if anyone has experienced something similar. Issue: Content publishers get kicked ...
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Best Practice for Personas and Pattern Cards

I'm experimenting with the best route to setting up personas as pattern cards when they span multiple profiles. Is it possible to "share" pattern matches across profiles? For example, if I have three ...
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Store virtual user's roles outside core database

The roles and properties of a virtual user are stored in the ClientData table in the core database by default. I would like to store them somewhere else ideally in Redis with the rest of shared and ...
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Automatically assign a specific user group and modules to a new user

I want to automatically assign a specific user group and modules to a new user. I was able to successfully assign the user group with DefaultUserGroups property, but I can't find how to assign the ...
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Sitecore virtual users in a setup with different login options

End-users of our commerce solution can log in, in two ways: With their email-address or using a booking number as user name. They log in with an email-address when they already have a user profile on ...
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Retrieve users from database

I need to retrieve all user details including role and email addresses. I was able to query from Users, Usersinrole, role table from core db. However, I couldn't find the table to query the email ...
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